Aboriginal Writing Feeding International Audiences

The unique wisdom of the Australian Aboriginal people has been passed down through elders and ancestors, and driven by a connection to the land. The collective culture, values and knowledge of Australia’s first people offers a shared wisdom that can nurture minds all across the world.

Honouring the Magpie Goose

The Magpie Goose has for generations acted as a food source for Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia. This water bird represents essential nourishment and it will now be honoured as it provides food for the minds of generations to come through Magpie Goose Publishing. An initiative of Fejo-King Consulting, Magpie Goose Publishing empowers the voices of Indigenous Australians. Magpie Goose Publishing assists Aboriginal academics to publish their masters and PhD’s, sharing their stories and their knowledge.

Fejo-King Consulting

Fejo-King Consulting is an Australian Aboriginally owned and run publishing venture. Doctor Christine Fejo-King is an Aboriginal Elder and social worker from the Northern Territory of Australia. Christine is driving the Magpie Goose initiative to promote the educational aspirations within indigenous communities.

Magpie Goose Products

The work and wisdom published by Magpie Goose Publishing can be purchased by you and shared around the world. Explore our products page to learn more about the work available.

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